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With our wide range of products and services, we leave no room for malicious outrages.

Our Services

Computer Forensics

This is related to the retrieval of data from computer devices and preserving it as evidence for law and judicial purposes.

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Mobile Forensics

Mobile Forensics includes:

Physical / logical mobile data extraction

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CCTV Forensics

CCTV analysis includes:

Footage extraction from CCTV

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CDR Analysis

CDR Analysis and Investigation is done to assist Investigation Departments and Law Enforcement Agencies to analyse..

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Email Forensics

Email forensics is the analysis of email and their content to determine the legitimacy, source, date, time, the actual sender, and recipients…

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Malware Analysis

Analyzing a suspicious file for potential threats and uncover hidden indicators of compromise. Analyzing techniques used..

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Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing

Improving and shielding systems from threats involves finding the vulnerabilities and also differentiating what can be exploited.

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Network Security & Services

Automation & Security Solutions

Automation involves the merging of machine-based execution of security and shielding activities.

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CCTV System and Solutions

A safe working space involves a 24/7 inspection. From comfortable on-site client meets to employee safety, a CCTV installation is significant.

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Access Control Solutions:

Managing the community that operates your business with proper identification and allocated space gives a detailed information of the work behind it.

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Traffic System Solutions

Management of traffic systems and road surveillance has a series of consequences. Improper control can lead to fatal accidents.

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Smart Home & Office Solutions

With modernization, home and office security is the focus of the day.

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Our Services

About us

Cylos Consulting Pvt. Ltd. is a certified company established with a vision of providing specialized solutions in the telecom and infrastructure domain for global corporates and governments by envisaging their future needs now. The whole world is digitizing at a very fast pace. Upgrading our technologies to accommodate growing needs is of the highest concern.

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Our process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines, values distinction in detail and gives careful

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Our process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines, values distinction in detail and gives careful